Whether you are looking for the best tequila for cocktail crafting or a five-star addition to add to your top shelf, there is a premium tequila here in this list just for you!

Insider Magazine recently released its list of the best tequilas of 2022, with each one earning its spot at the top for a specific category, and Vintegrity is proud to carry 6 of the recognized tequilas!

Best Tequila Overall – Tequila Ocho Plata

This tequila hails from one of Mexico’s most agriculturally productive regions, the Jalisco Highlands, which are also well-known for the superior tequilas produced here. Tequila Ocho Plata is crafted from overripe agave grown on a single-field estate maintained by the Camarena family.

The distinctive agave tastes and aromas prominent in this tequila are all thanks to the dedicated commitment to terroir showcased by third-generation Tequilero, Carlos Camarena. This 100% additive-free tequila also carries notes of citrus, honey, minerality, pepper, and a touch of sweetness.

Best Tequila Blanco – Siembra Azul Blanco

Another bright and crisp silver tequila made in the Jalisco Highlands, the Siembra Azul Blanco boasts its own unique characteristics thanks to the red clay soil and cool winter temperatures of the region.

To produce this tequila, agave is first roasted in a huge brick oven. After a few days in the oven, the agave comes out and its juice is extracted by a hand-operated roller mill. Fermentation occurs in stainless steel tanks with yeast designed specifically for tequila production. While fermenting, classical music serenades the tanks and manipulates the formation of the yeast bubbles. The resulting tequila carries a clean, yet complex aroma profile with notes of cooked agave, citrus, and white pepper.

Best Tequila Reposado – Fortaleza Reposado

As one of the oldest tequila distilleries in Mexico, with its history dating all the way back to 1873, Fortaleza produces numerous highly-acclaimed tequilas. They still follow many of the traditional methods of production, such as brick over-roasting and open-air fermentation in wood tanks.

The Fortaleza Reposado earns its place at the top with its velvety mouthfeel and welcoming balance of citrus, cooked agave, caramel, vanilla, apple, sage, and cinnamon flavors. The lingering finish is accented with a delicate spiciness.

Best Tequila for Margaritas – Arette Blanco

So far this list has highlighted two Jalisco Highland tequilas, but the valleys of Jalisco are also home to many great tequila distilleries, like Arette. The Arette distillery is one of the region’s oldest, with production beginning in the early 1900s.

So why is Arette Blanco the best choice for margaritas and other tequila-based cocktails? Firstly, it’s a great bang for your buck – high-quality tequila at a wallet-friendly price, and its robust flavor neither overpowers nor gets lost in mixed drinks. Sweet floral and honey notes are balanced with smoky, pepper ones and followed by a hot, spicy finish.

Best Sipping Tequila – Cascahuín Tahona Blanco

For those who enjoy slow-sipping tequila, you’ll want to choose one with exceptional attention to taste and production, like Cascahuín Tahona Blanco. It’s reminiscent of historic tequilas and follows pre-Hispanic methods of production. Notably, a tahona, a large stone used to crush agave, is used to extract 100% of the agave juice which means less methanol ends up in the final product. Less methanol = less of a headache the next day. Furthermore, the tahona increases the tequila’s savory minerality.

As you sip this tequila, you’ll find a whole line-up of tantalizing flavors – cooked agave, fresh vegetal and herbal notes, cut grass, Meyer lemon, green olive, and green pepper with a long caramelized finish. And the higher proof of Cascahuín Tahona Blanco lends itself to a much crisper taste.

Best Top-Shelf Tequila – Fortaleza Winter Blend 2021

As mentioned above, Fortaleza is very well-known and well-respected in the tequila world, so it comes as no surprise a second of their famous tequilas made the list. Each year, Fortaleza produces a limited edition release with unique cask finishes. The Winter Blend 2021 is a blended reposado that is first aged in American Oak barrels before finishing in French Marsala barrels.

Aging in used Marsala wine barrels highlights unparalleled flavors in this tequila – sweet butter, cinnamon, cracked black pepper, dried plums, honey, freshly baked bread, and herbs. The silky smooth texture is followed by a lingering sweetness.

Is it about time you made some upgrades to your tequila selection? If any of these premium tequilas have caught your eye, send a message online to a Vintegrity sales rep today! All six of the tequilas featured here are available now in Missouri and Kansas.