Drinks International is a global spirits, wine, and beer publication that releases an annual Brands Report. Establishments worldwide are polled to find the top bar brands across 22 different categories. Bar owners, managers, and bartenders weigh in, sharing the top brands they use, which Drinks International then ranks into their Best-Selling categories. They also identify the spirits and mixers that are Top Trending.

Vintegrity prides itself in carrying some of the best brands in the world and is thrilled to celebrate their success! Keep reading below to see which bottles from Vintegrity’s portfolio were recognized this year.

Foursquare Rum – Top Trending Brands

The Foursquare Rum Distillery, located in Barbados, was reopened by the Seale family in 1996. Coral stone and karst limestone-filtered water from local aquifers are used to craft their exceptional, and truly international, rums, along with local and Guyanese molasses fermented with distiller’s yeast from South Africa. Foursquare Distillery sets itself apart from the rest through expert blending and maturation processes that elevate the tasting experience of its rums.

Macchu Pisco – Best Selling Brands & Top Trending Brands

Macchu Pisco was established by Melanie Asher in 2006 to bring the essence of Peru to sophisticated palates across America, Europe, and beyond. Macchu Pisco is crafted with smooth, flavorful Quebranta grapes. Its nose detects light vanilla, lime peel, and white pepper notes, and the palate savors a blend of white pepper, vanilla sugar, wet stone, lime, yuzu, and cinnamon.

Mezcal Vago – Top Trending Brands

Mezcal Vago’s pure, additive-free mezcals are carefully crafted in Oaxaca. Thoroughly authentic production and transparent labeling ensure integrity of craftsmanship and robust enjoyment by aficionados those who love it.

Fernet Branca – Best Selling Brands

Fernet Branca is an aromatic Italian favorite produced from 40 herbs, spices, vegetables, and blossoms, including myrrh, rhubarb, chamomile, cardamom, aloe, and saffron in a distilled grape base. The initial taste is boldly bitter, and the finish is distinctly spicy.

Giffard – Top Trending Brands

Giffard liqueurs fuse excellence and tradition in the harmony of time-honored techniques, such as slow maceration, with innovative approaches that imbue their products with the truest, most authentic flavors. Their exceptional syrups and liqueurs are among the top choices of discerning mixologists and the art of cocktail creation.

The Bitter Truth – Best Selling Brands & Top Trending Brands

The Bitter Truth’s unique line of all-natural bitters is specifically crafted to recreate classic cocktails and add a touch of class to an endless array of new ones. From aromatic to fruit to savory, The Bitter Truth offers a range of flavors guaranteed to spark creativity behind any bar.

Sandeman – Best Selling Brands & Top Trending Brands

Sandeman is renowned for its high-quality and distinctive flavor profile. Produced in the Douro Valley, Sandeman is created by fortifying partially fermented grapes with grape brandy, which produces a rich, fresh, high-alcohol-content wine. Sandeman’s collection of styles, each with unique characteristics and produced through a variety of aging processes, all share a velvety mouthfeel and complex combination of fruit flavors.

Mancino – Best Selling Brands & Top Trending Brands

Mancino vermouth is an international creation combining fine Italian wine and 40 meticulously sourced botanicals from Italy, England, Vietnam, and India. Flavors are preserved and showcased in Mancino vermouth through careful extraction and blending processes, producing a vermouth enjoyable on its own or blended into a craft cocktail.

La Quintinye Vermouth Royal – Best Selling Brands & Top Trending Brands

La Quintinye Vermouth Royal, named after a famous French botanist and gardener for King Louis XIV, is made from high-quality ingredients that impart dazzling versatility across various styles of vermouth, allowing bartenders to craft equally dazzling cocktails to satisfy any customer’s taste.

Yzaguirre – Best Selling Brands

Yzaguirre has remained committed to traditional methods and exclusive formulas since 1884. This strict adherence is essential for capturing the distinct flavors and aromas Yzaguirre is known for. However, when new and innovative techniques become available, they are carefully utilized to ensure product quality across the board. This dedication to authenticity and quality fuels a passion for Yzaguirre products around the world.

East Imperial – Best Selling Brands & Top Trending Brands

East Imperial arms bartenders with an endless arsenal of exceptional tonics and sodas for upping their cocktail game. Every product is crafted with sustainably sourced natural ingredients from Africa and Asia, with no added preservatives, flavors, or sweeteners.


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