Recently, Vintegrity’s Steve Wood had the opportunity to visit Carla Paez at Malinche, one of St. Louis’ best Mexican restaurants. Malinche is a family owned business that has been in business for over a year. Malinche is known for their famous margaritas, made using ElVelo Tequila Blanco. This famed margarita starts with a salted rim on the eye-catching skull glass then follows with 1oz of fresh lime juice, 2oz of ElVelo Tequila, 0.5oz of orange liquor, and a splash of agave nectar to top it off.

ElVelo Tequila Blanco contains aromas of agave, citrus, fresh cut grass, and cinnamon while showcasing flavors of cooked agave, stone fruits, and limestone to a dry finish. This 100% Puro de Agave sources from Tequila Valley and is traditionally made with slow cooking techniques containing no additives or diffuses, just big bold flavor.

Stay tuned for more as we look forward to visiting other restaurants and bars in all of our distribution areas!