As the exclusive distributer for J. Rieger in both Kansas and Missouri, we are very excited for the release of the new exclusive 2020 Monogram Whiskey on July 27th, 2020! This special edition bottle will be available at restaurants and retail stores.

This very special bottling has been aged in century-old Sherry casks and with each release continues to evolve and mature.  Monogram will make its debut in retail stores and restaurants in Missouri and Kansas with additional states to follow this fall.⁣⁣

According to J. Rieger:

In the pre-Prohibition years, Rieger’s Monogram Whiskey was the flagship label of J. Rieger & Co. This label sat dormant for nearly a century but is now back, as limited-edition releases of specialty whiskeys. We are using the Rieger’s Monogram label as a way to release extremely unique whiskeys that are a reflection of the creativity of our team and our partners as well as our passion for innovation.

We hope to release at least one version of Rieger’s Monogram on an annual basis, with the style of whiskey, finishing techniques, type of barrels, proof, age, and other factors ever changing. We did not enter into this project with any future releases of Rieger’s Monogram pre-determined but rather we are seeing where our own creativity, opportunities, partnerships, friendships and dumb luck take us. We needed an outlet for ideas and opportunities as they come to us so we are taking this project one year at a time.

Learn more at J Rieger & Co.


THE BLEND: 10-year old Corn Whiskey + a blend of 5- and 11-year old Straight Rye Whiskeys
FINISH-TIME: up to 2.5 years
FINISHING BARRELS: 500-ltr barrels from Williams & Humbert Drysack 15- yr Oloroso Especial, approx. 100 yrs in age
ABV: 52.5%
PRODUCTION: 1,887 bottles