Seasonal cocktails are the fleeting simple pleasures of the beverage world that add an extra special sentiment to certain times of the year. Bright, floral and fruity flavors are abloom in the Spring and Summer seasons while warm and rich flavors are associated wtih the colder months of Fall and Winter. Now that Winter is officially here, cocktails of a certain seasonal color have increased in popularity. Red is one of the easiest Winter colors to incorporate into cocktails as there are many flavorful ingredients that are naturally red without artificial coloring. Cranberry and cherry are the low-hanging fruit, so to speak, for Winter cocktails and within these months, liqueurs of those flavors can be found on cocktail lists a plenty.  In a recent article from about Maraschino liqueurs and their seasonal appeal, Vintegrity represents 4 of the 7 brands featured in the piece. Learn more about each brand below!

Fratelli Vergnano

This producer of fruit liqueurs, based in Turin, Italy, gets massive recognition for its marasca cherry aromatics. Described as being reminiscent of the smell of a freshly baked cherry pie, Vergnano gets its potency from a full year of macerating the crushed whole cherries in alcohol. Now on its third generation (its maraschino entered the world in 1865), Vergnano partners with local growers in Piedmont for the freshest cherries and is now certified organic. One suggestion would be to try it poured over gelato.


Black cherries are the unique element to this liqueur that separates it from the pack. Beet sugar provides an unconventional display of sweetness that ties perfectly into the bitter sweetness of the black cherry. One cocktail that uses the Lazzaroni almost exclusively, is the Brooklyn, the dryer and more mysterious relative of the Manhattan.

Leopold Bros.

Described as being similar to a fruity brandy rather than a sweet liqueur,  its subtle sweetness is balanced by a pleasantly bitter bite from the whole crushed, marasca cherries hailing from Croatia. The macerated and fermented cherries are then combined with a distillate made from tart Montmorency cherries and coriander. It should be noted that Leopold suggests finishing the bottle within 30 days of opening it or storing it in the refrigerator to extend the liqueur’s life.


Also from Croatia in origin, Maraska is the maker of the certified kosher liqueur that is the proud owner of more than 100,000 marasca cherry trees in Zadar, Croatia. This elegant liqueur has aromas that are reminiscent of warm and spicy clove,  sweet orange blossoms, as well as dark cherries, naturally. With its precise level of sweetness and sleek texture on the palate, Daiquiri aficionados, look no further. Not only do they have an envious liqueur recipe on their hands, they also gave new meaning to the “cherry on top” with their jarred cocktail cherries for garnish. From Old Fashions, to  Tiki drinks, the Maraska cherries are candied in sour cherry syrup, and make the most delectable cocktail enhancer.


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