Mateus Rosé – the Best Selling Portuguese Wine Maker Introduces Dry Rosé

With a shimmery pink hue gleaned straight from a summer sunset, the color of Mateus Dry Rosé isn’t the only unique thing about it!  You’ll also notice the flattened-curve shape of the wine bottle itself.  Vintegrity is proud to be the Kansas and Missouri distributor for the new one-of-a-kind Mateus Dry Rosé!

Creative and Innovative From the Start

In 1942, Fernando Van Zeller Guedes, Mateus founder and visionary, crafted the first rosé wine from Portugal. Sold in curved bottles inspired by the flasks carried by World War I soldiers, Van Zeller Guedes novel wine was a hit.

Ace Frehley poses backstage. (Photo courtesy of Mateus)

The bottles weren’t the only unique mark of Van Zeller Guedes’s brand, however. The founder’s insightful and tactical marketing strategy was also a genius plan. Two bottles of the rosé were sent to every Portuguese ambassador around the world. With “a bottle for you and one for your friend,” the innovative  rosé quickly gained popularity across the globe.

The brand’s demand in the U.S. picked up as well – especially by several celebrities. Famous photographs including Mateus Rosé and range of public figures seemed to be everywhere. Icons from rock legend Jimi Hendrix to Apple founder Steve Jobs were photographed with a bottle of the remarkable rosé, and backstage at a photo shoot for the KISS Alive album cover, lead guitarist Ace Frehley posed with – you guessed it – a bottle of Mateus Rosé!

Consistently Top Quality

With 75 years history of creating and selling the original Portugese Rosé, Mateus and introduced their newest product, Mateus Dry Rosé. The Mateus reputation was on the line, after all, Mateus was the first Portuguese wine brand to have such a wide international reach – in fact it is the #1 best selling wine from Portugal. With this prestige also came a responsibility for quality. And the Mateus Dry Rosé does not disappoint. As always, Mateus is carefully crafted from start to finish. The hard work that goes into each and every bottle of their new Dry Rosé doesn’t go unnoticed. In fact, this commitment to excellency is so consistent that one bottle of Matues Rosé is sold every 38 minutes!

Crisp and Colorful

Ever popular, ever unique, Mateus Dry Rosé is marked by its summer sunset hue. Tasting of red berry fruits with floral notes, this dry and pale  rosé is made from top quality Baga and Shiraz grapes. This rosé should be served at 46-50 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal flavor.

Experts also suggest pairing this rosé with your favorite summer meals: fresh salads, grilled vegetables, seafood or cold chicken. The  rosé also complements several cheese and light summer pastas.

Toast your summer season – and every other – with a bottle of your new favorite wine: Mateus Dry Rose!

In the mood for Mateus? Retailers wanting to add summer smooth Mateus Dry Rosé to their wine list contact Vintegrity today!