Savage and Cooke’s exceptional and frequently awarded sourced whiskeys have established the distillery as a leading name in the spirits community. In fact, in 2023 Savage and Cooke was named California Distillery of the Year.

When the distillery opened in 2018, their mission was to create uniquely Californian whiskeys. As their distillates matured, they added three new core whiskeys to their lineup. These include two made from grains grown within 50 miles of the distillery on Mare Island in Vallejo, just outside of San Francisco, and the other sourced at the distillery itself. They are crafted there from start to finish, all with pristine high-elevation spring water from nearby Alexander Valley.

Savage and Cooke Rye Whiskey

The process of crafting Rye Whiskey is entirely handled at the distillery. Five batches of distillate are blended for consistency throughout, then aged in White American Oak barrels in three different places around the distillery, each specifically selected for their ideal conditions, including temperature, humidity, sunlight, and airflow. Finally, the whiskey is finished for two months in Grenache barrels. The resulting Rye Whiskey is inviting, with tropical, citrus, and floral aromas layered with white pepper and toasty vanilla.


Savage and Cooke Bourbon Whiskey

This core whiskey is crafted entirely at the distillery, with a mash that primarily consists of yellow corn supplemented with some rye and malted barley. Aging in White American Oak Char #3 barrels handcrafted by a local cooper, Seguin Moreau, again takes place in three carefully selected locations around the distillery. It is then finished in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels for two months. The resulting Bourbon Whiskey is mature and complex, offering notes of orange peel, honey, toasty oak, and caramel.



Savage and Cooke American Whiskey

The distillates for American Whiskey were hand-selected in their youth and aged in Ex-Bourbon barrels at the Savage and Cooke distillery for at least four years. Afterward, they are finished in Zinfandel barrels for two months. The result is a bold and dense whiskey with rich notes of maple wood, caramel, and black cherries, leading to an impressive finish.

These new core whiskeys, in addition to Savage and Cooke’s other premium whiskeys, are available now in Vintegrity’s Missouri and Kansas portfolios.


The holiday season brings with it Savage and Cooke’s famous Bad Sweater Whiskey. This festive spirit is infused with cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, cacao nibs, brown sugar, Valencia orange, and vanilla bean at high proof for maximum flavor. Savor it in holiday-inspired cocktails, on the rocks, or add a dash to your coffee.


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