Dave Phinney

Savage & Cooke was founded in 2016 by wine expert Dave Phinney. Phinney made a name for himself in the wine world, first working for illustrious producers like Robert Mondavi and Whitehall Lane before starting Orin Swift Cellars in 1998. With Orin Swift Cellars, Phinney set out to showcase a plethora of California appellations beyond just Napa Valley.

Phinney pivoted toward the spirits world in the mid-2010s. He purchased a pure, Alexander Valley natural spring and used his seemingly endless supply of wine barrels which were perfect for finishing his new brown spirits. Phinney was intrigued by the level of control he could have throughout the spirit production process, whereas with wine, mother nature has a say in each year’s harvest.

Savage & Cooke Distillery on Mare Island

In 2018, the Savage & Cooke distillery was officially opened on historic Mare Island. Located close to San Francisco and Napa Valley, Mare Island is home to the West Coast’s oldest Navy shipyards. The distillery is housed inside a number of incredible brownstone buildings, some of which were built as far back as 1864. The island (now a peninsula), was a bustling manufacturing hub in the 19th century, hence the abundance of old brownstones.




Core Whiskeys

Savage & Cooke regularly releases limited edition productions, but is well known for its three core whiskeys – The Burning Chair, Second Glance, and Lip Service. Each of these incredible whiskeys has been recognized on its own merit by numerous international critics.

Most recently, Savage & Cooke won the title of 2023 California Distillery of the Year from the New York International Spirits Competition!


The Burning Chair, Second Glance, and Lip Service

The Burning Chair

A 4-year Bourbon crafted from small, hand-selected lots acquired from Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee. The Bourbon is aged in new charred American oak barrels before finishing in Napa Valley Cabernet barrels from Phinney’s wine projects.

This Bourbon carries warm aromas of brown sugar, caramel, butterscotch, and toasty oak. The palate is lush and smooth with flavors of vanilla, baking spice, maple, and baked apples, followed by a long, exciting finish.


Second Glance

Second Glance is Savage & Cooke’s first 5-year American whiskey release, with lots coming exclusively from Kentucky. Each barrel was chosen for specific characteristics that show through in the final blend. Like with The Burning Chair, the whiskey is finished in Cabernet barrels for added depth.

This whiskey features rich, bold aromas of maple wood, cardamom, buttered toast, and black cherries. Intense flavors of honey, caramel, hazelnut, and baked dark fruits follow, along with a complex and layered finish.


Lip Service

Last but not least, Lip Service is a 3-year Rye comprised of unique lots selected from Tennessee. After aging is complete, Phinney finished the whiskey in wine barrels from his Grenache project in Maury, France.

The nose of this whiskey is energetic with notes of orange peel, cloves, and candied ginger. These bold aromas are further accentuated by the velvety palate of white pepper, berry compote, and honey flavors.



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