How You Can Aid in the Recovery of the Hospitality Industry

The economic impact of COVID-19 has certainly taken its toll on the citizens and employees of America, and perhaps one of the more impacted categories is the hospitality industry. The National Restaurant Association composed and sent a letter to the President in early March documenting the challenges the restaurant industry currently faces and proposing certain measures to aid in its economic recovery. According to the National Restaurant Association’s letter, between five and seven million hospitality employees were anticipated to lose their jobs.

Vintegrity is proud to announce that we are teaming up with one of our trusted suppliers – Enotec Imports – to support the hospitality industry as we seek to care for employees who have lost jobs due to COVID-19 and are suffering consequential economic hardships.

Vintegrity offers a wide variety of Enotec Imports including Ca’ del Sarto: 2018 Ardente.

Enotec Imports has created HELP (Hospitality industry employee Emergency Love Program) as a way to give back to the communities affected by the suffering hospitality industry. HELP works to locate and screen locally relevant GoFundMe campaigns to sponsor laid off hospitality workers. For every bottle of Enotec wine sold, $1.00 will be donated to these campaigns; in the event that no GoFundMe campaign is available, the funds will go to a local food bank to support that local community. 

Here’s where you come in. Vintegrity invites you to participate in this relief campaign by enjoying delicious wines from a list of our Enotec offerings. That’s right! You can help your community simply by sipping some of our outstanding imported wines. Please browse the exclusive selection below for our tasteful options. 


  • Antica Masseria del Sigilo 
  • Badia al Colle 
  • Ca’ del Sarto
  • Cantina di Caldaro
  • Casalfernato
  • Fanetti
  • Gagliardo
  • Grimaldi 
  • Kaltern 
  • Pavan
  • Rodano
  • Tenute Emera
  • Terra Rossa
  • Villa M

Thank you for your involvement and support in helping the recovering hospitality industry; your efforts make a difference. Have any questions? Please reach out and let us know! Get ready to enjoy your favorite fine wines – knowing that your partnership in restaurant relief is much appreciated.