How does KELT achieve rich aging and flawless smoothness in just three months? Vintegrity took a deep dive into the secret behind KELT wine’s intriguingly perfect blend.

Wines and spirits were shipped by boat in barrels all over the world before advances in technology and travel. Today’s abundance of manufacturing locations and use of glass bottles – while still delicious – have lost some of the art and magic of ocean maturation.

JP Gilmore, founder of Vintegrity Wine & Spirits, emphasizes the historical significance of when spirits tasted different or often times, even better – after having travelled over the ocean. The science behind ocean maturation is the key to unlocking the unequaled aging and smoothness that KELT has been able to tap into.

KELT achieves its unrivaled depth and flavor with a little something called the “Tour du Monde” a process in which the cognac undertakes a 3-month sea voyage around the world. The combination of movement, temperature variations, and air pressure changes of sea travel during this 90-day sea voyage, creates a seamless perfection in the blend. This one-of-a-kind approach brings an old-world magic to the cognac of today.

Tour du Monde

KELT cognac spends 3-months on an ocean voyage oak barrels from Limousin, France. The metamorphosis of the cognac into an unbelievably captivating depth and richness is just a small part of what makes this cognac so extraordinary.

  1. Movement – Storage in glass bottles pale in comparison to the magical combination of cognac and aged wood; barrels allow for a special extraction of flavor and structure to the cognac. The ebb and flow of the ocean waves for 3-months unlock an incredible smoothness.
  2. Temperature Variation – The aging of cognac and wines is a scientific chemical reaction; and as with most chemical reactions, the process is accelerated by heat. Tour du Monde allows for the cognac and wood to reach high temperatures especially during the longer the barrels spend along warmer climates. This creates a rich aging within a shorter time frame – a feat unlike any other.
  3. Air Pressure Changes – With the constantly changing air pressure at sea, the oak barrels contract and expand, allowing for oxygen to interact with and enhance the aging cognac. Additionally, the use of barrels is key because the changing pressure also further extracts crucial oaky notes that contribute to the cognac’s magic.

A little science, ingenuity and some magic from the ocean itself – creates one of the most unique cognacs in the world.

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