Midwesterners are proud of their local heritage and their well-blended culture. From the plains of Kansas to the rolling hills of Missouri, Vintegrity is proud to distribute to both states and have so many products that have roots right here in the Midwest.

With the finest wines, whiskeys, and other spirits from around the world, Vintegrity knows that the trusted and storied brands with Midwest connections are some of the finest in the industry.

Ayers Vineyard and Winery

Ayers Vineyard and Winery is the dream come true of Kansas City natives Brad and Kathleen McLeroy. Inspired by a trip to southern France during their engagement, the couple moved to Oregon and worked their way up through the industry until being able to purchase 38 acres in 2000. Brad – a Kansas City wine retailer – became a winemaker, and in 2001 the McLeroy’s planted their Kansas City roots near Newburg, Oregon and put the first Ayres vines in the ground. Ayres started as and remains a family affair, with Brad as the winemaker and Kathleen as the operations manager. The winery itself lies below the house where Kathleen’s parents live.

Echolands Winery

Echolands Winery CEO Doug Frost is one of three people in the world to hold both Master of Wine and Master Sommelier titles. With a myriad of accolades, this incredibly accomplished author, vineyard owner, and wine consultant hasn’t forgotten his Kansas City roots. With a career in the wine industry, owning his own winery was the natural next step for Frost and his business partners. Frost met Vintegrity founder JP Gilmore during his career on the road as a wine consultant. The two officially met when JP was working with one of Frost’s business partners. Vintegrity received the first of two Echolands wines earlier this year and the second arrived soon after. As they say, the rest is history! Read more about the Echolands local connection here!

J Rieger & Co. Distillery

J. Rieger & Co. Distillery is one of Kansas City’s nearest and dearest distilleries. Full of cultural significance and rich local history, the story of this famous distillery is a Kansas City favorite. Founded in 1887, the distillery met prompt demise in 1919 at the hands of the 18th Amendment and Federal Prohibition. 95 years later, two Kansas City locals brought the brand back to live. In 2012 Andy Rieger, Jacob Rieger’s great-great-great grandson, and Ryan Maybee, a career bartender and restaurateur resurrected the brand.With ties to elite lounges and historical buildings, the distillery’s deep background has roots in immigration, hard work and family legacy. It is a privilege to see top distributor Vintegrity partner with J. Rieger spirits. In fact, Rieger even features a special Kansas City Whiskey you’re going to love – honey butter, cloves, notes of hazelnut? Yes, please!

Nobletons Distilling House

Nobletons Distilling House resides at the opposite end of I-70 in the great city of St. Louis. Kansas City bartender Demetrius Cain has created quite the legacy in St. Louis. After years of hard work, endless research, and thousands of experiments, Cain and his wife bought a farm in early 2018, officially creating the Nobletons Distilling House. Duckett Rum, named after Cain’s grandfather, was introduced in 2016. Duckett Golden Rhum, aged exclusively on French oak, has hints of caramel and toffee notes. Cain’s products are crafted in one of the most challenging ways possible – unadulterated Agricole style. With no outsourcing, every drop of alcohol is crafted in St. Louis, creating authenticity to the style of the product, while still being a hometown Distillery. Check out the fascinating French Caribbean inspired, homegrown story here!


From Japanese whiskeys to Italian wines, rest assured Vintegrity’s portfolio for Kansas and Missouri is impressive and vast. Vintegrity only serves the finest wines and spirits; check out the rest of our fine selections in our Kansas and Missouri portfolios for yourself!