To celebrate Women’s History Month, Vintegrity would like to introduce some of the amazing women on the team! Keep reading below to learn more about these awesome women who work hard to make Vintegrity the best wine and spirits distributor in Missouri and Kansas!


Shannon Behnen

Shannon Behnen – St. Louis Sales Representative

Favorite hole-in-the-wall bars?

I love the Crow’s Nest and, honestly, I think the best-kept-secret right now is Rockstar Tacos at the Gaslight on the Hill! If you fancy some amazing tacos and great cocktails, go check them out!

How did you get into the liquor distribution business?

I was a bartender and teacher before I got into distribution and I was ready for a change. A good friend of mine recommended me to a distributor and I got started in 2015.

Nobody knows that I can…

Play the guitar!

Stacey Williams

Stacey Williamson – Administrative Assistant

Where have you worked in the past and how did you get into the industry?

I first became curious about wine over 25 years ago while working at a fine dining Italian restaurant on the Plaza. It was here that I learned about wine pairing, and how it can maximize enjoyment of the food and the wine!

How did you get started with Vintegrity?

I’ve been lucky enough to know Courtney Foster for years. I learned of an Administrative position that was available so I submitted my resume and the rest is history! It’s a perfect fit!

Cassie Niemeyer

Cassie Niemeyer – Kansas Sales Representative

What is a must-have at your home bar?

Sparkling wine! You never know when you might have an excuse to celebrate!

What do you love most about this job?

I love getting to know and share the stories of interesting people making amazing wine and booze!

I like to enjoy … while …

I like to enjoy a gigantic G&T—filled to the brim with ice, St. George Spirits Terroir Gin, homemade tonic, and lots of lemon wheels—outside somewhere enjoying the first sunny, warm day of spring!

Courtney Foster

Courtney Foster – Bi-State General Manager

Favorite breakfast cocktail?

Bloody Marys!

What are some of your favorite local restaurants?

The Antler Room, Vietnam Café, Waldo Thai, and Ragazza. They all have good people who are masters of their craft and make great contributions to the KC restaurant community!

What are your home bar must-haves?

Laird’s Applejack, Tom’s Town Botanical Gin, Tequila Arette, Grand Marnier, and Vermouth!

Courtney Weaver

Courtney Weaver – Kansas Sales Manager

Top 3 local bars?

Verdigris, The Restaurant at 1900, Drastic Measures. All three have some of the best service in town and the cocktails are next level! And all 3 are beautiful spaces with stunning atmospheres.

Favorite bottle in your cellar?

2018 Ayres One. Ayres is one of my favorite wineries. I bought a couple of bottles when we were able to get a limited allocation in 2020. I drank one this past New Year’s Eve because I couldn’t wait any longer! Hopefully, I’ll be able to show more self-control and wait a bit longer on the next one!

What do you love most about this job?

Our awesome office and sales staff at Vintegrity Kansas and the mix of people and personalities at so many different accounts!

Agnes West

Agnes West – Accountant

Agnes joined our office staff in April of 2022. She has worked in accounting for 40+ years and enjoys being semi-retired. She says she was immediately made to feel welcome at Vintegrity and enjoys how the company cares for their employees.

Agnes and her husband, Larry have been married for 44 years. They love to travel and attend concerts and Broadway plays when they are not spoiling their grandkids. Agnes’s hobbies include cooking, knitting, and drinking wine!



Kerry Comiskey

Kerry Comiskey – Sales Representative

Top 3 bars?

I’m going to stick to Lawrence because it’s what I know best, so I’ll say The Bourgeois Pig, Henry’s Upstairs, and John Brown’s Underground. Not only do all three have an excellent selection of cocktails, wines, and spirits, but they are also owned and operated by some of the kindest, most hospitable people my husband and I know. Extra points for the Pig since my husband and I met there, got engaged there, and were then married by their longstanding lead bartender, who is a very good friend of ours!

What do you love most about this job?

I love that I get to sell and educate people about the wines and spirits I’m passionate about! It’s a truly wonderful experience to get someone as excited about something as I am. I also love how flexible the day-to-day schedule can be.

Favorite bottle in your cellar?

I was lucky enough to visit Paso Robles with some of the Vintegrity team last year and while we were there we visited a small winery called Torrin that really blew all of us away. They make gorgeous wines, but I am particularly excited about the bottle of Pinot I brought back!

Michelle Jaenke with mom, Winnie, and sister, Teresa.

Michelle Jaenke – Missouri State-Wide Sales Manager

How did you get into the liquor distribution business?

I used to work for an independent restaurant group leading their wine program and I transitioned from that into distribution 20 years ago.

What do people think you do all day versus what you actually do?

People think I get to drink wine all day, but really I work on spreadsheets and take many, many zoom calls!

Who are some important women in your life?

My mother, Winnie, and my sister, Teresa!


Tina Block

Tina Block – Kansas Office and Warehouse Manager

Tina Block has experienced a wide variety of interesting occupations over the last two decades – allowing her to travel the country from California to Portland and even Hawaii. Early on in her career, Tina was able to put her graphic design degree to work while working at the Kohler company as a mosaic artist.

Tina says her favorite part about working for Vintegrity is her relationship with proprietors JP Gilmore and Sean Ball, saying, “I have so much respect and admiration for JP and Sean. They are so nice, and they’re just very smart businessmen. They take extremely good care of their employees – I just really feel like I’m home at Vintegrity. It makes me want to work even harder, helping the business and making our customers happy.”

Christine Rieber

Christine Rieber – Kansas Sales Representative 

How did you get into the liquor distribution business?

During Covid, I hobbied myself into the industry – reading and researching spirits and classic cocktails. After starting to teach cocktail classes, a position opened and I haven’t looked back!

Go-to drink to make for friends: 

El Diablo – Repo tequila, Cassis, lime, and ginger beer OR Dead Man’s Handle – Blanco tequila, Aperol, lime, and Orgeat.

What do you like most about this job?

My previous job was a high school teacher and I enjoy studying  grapes, wine regions, spirits, tasting notes, family history, and stories. I also enjoy educating others about Vintegrity’s quality wines and spirits!